Jenae Noonan (MMA National Champion)

Jenae Noonan is a  MMA National Champion that had the honor to represent the United States in the World games. in both 2012 and 2016. She brought the gold medal home in 2016! She also won a silver in 2016 and the bronze in 2012.  With her extensive background in MMA (mixed martial arts) She wrote a number 1 best selling book called "Fighter: Living Life Like a Champion" using those experiences in the cage as references to demonstrate how to have passion, drive, purpose and power in every day life. She is also the co-founder of Stay Safe LLC where she uses her MMA skills and motivational speaking to teach women and children of all ages how to "stay safe" in their environment.  Jenae is a certified  life coach with Kim Sommer-Eglesee 10+ life coaching, specializing in self esteem, confidence, fitness, weight loss, focus and motivation, relationships and much more.

Jenae Noonan is a physical fitness expert who will show you how increasing physical strength and learning empowering safety skills can boost confidence and enhance inner strength. She helps with revealing drive, passion, belief in one's self and respect for ones self. Being an MMA champion she uses these experiences in and out of the cage to motivate people in achieving their own personal victories.

She  specializes in personal and child development and inspirational/motivational speaking. She is also a parenting advisor and behavioral modification specialist with a background in child psychology and child development, with over 10 years of experience.

She has been a guest speaker at such events as Next Level By Association, Willow Tree Women's Circle, Kiss my Tiara Women Empowerment, Full Filled in Love Panel, and many more.  She's delivered presentations, workshops, and school assemblies for all levels of education. Jenae has been a guest on TV and radio shows with themes such as motivation, anti-bullying, parenting techniques, setting and achieving goals, living positively and being in your full power.

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